Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation elect new Chief

Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation elect new Chief

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation (MCFN) have unofficially elected a new chief.

A document released by Electoral Officer Veronica McLeod states that Claire Sault received the most votes out of the three candidates running in Saturday’s election, defeating Margaret Sault and Karen Andrea King.

This election follows two other recent elections where women have also been elected to the Chief role at the Assembly of First Nations and Six Nations of the Grand River.

Seven other Councillors were elected to the MCFN council including Erma Ferrell, Veronica Jamieson, Leslie Maracle, Fawn Sault, Larry Sault, Rodger Laforme and Jesse Herkimer.

According to Margaret Sault, the former Director of Lands and Membership, this is the 113th election held by the community.

Swearing in ceremony will take place on Friday December 15, with details to follow at a later time.

CKRZ will be scheduling an interview with the new Chief in the near future.

Audio Link: https://canada-info.ca/en/mississaugas-of-the-credit-first-nation-elect-new-chief/



December 12th, 2023

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