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History of the Southern Onkwehon:we ‘Nishinabec Indigenous Communications Society 

29 Years and Counting

Planning for the Future

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History of the Southern Onkwehon:we Nishinabec Indigenous Communications Society 

SONICS was established as a community organization in the late 1980’s.  A Pirate Radio back in the day, we were on air when we had a volunteer or two and, only for those in close enough proximity to the antenna to hear.  On July 21, 1990 (the official anniversary date for CKRZ) we began broadcasting 24 hours and soon after became licensed by the CRTC as a Native B Community Radio Station.

CKRZ changed call letters in the 1990’s as we expanded our reach, and has continued to grown over the years.  We continue to be a volunteer driven station with two staff DJs, a small but dedicated group of volunteer hosts who ensure our listeners receive quality programming.

In 2013 SONICS became incorporation as a Non-Profit Organization and began our reorganization and expansion plans shortly after.  We continue to be dedicated to the people of Six Nations and New Credit and hope that our Native Community Radio Station continues to grow in the years to come.

29 Years and Counting 

CKRZ celebrated our 29th anniversary of 24 hour broadcasting on January 21, 2019.  Although we first began broadcasting in the 1980’s, January 21, 1990 is the date we consider our official launch.  We are busy planning our 30th anniversary festivities and will have more details in the coming months.

Planning for the Future

CKRZ staff and the SONICS Inc Board of Directors are in ongoing strategic planning meetings to keep our core sound at the station, whie we expand to reach a larger listener radius.  Your feedback is always welcome. You can send any comments, suggestions, or feedback to You may also suggest a Playlist at and of course all community members are welcome to propose a show they would like to run by completing the Make Your Pitch program proposal.

SONICS Inc Documents

SONICS Inc is an NPO, an a registered employer with CRA.  Our policies ensure we conduct business and employment according to legislation and in the best manner for our clients, staff and community.

The most recent audit is for August 2018.  Our fiscal year runs according to the CRTC Broadcast year of September 1 – August 31.

SONICS Inc Board

Board Members:

Carolyn King (President)
As a strong community builder, Carolyn has being involved in many community-based initiatives in Six Nations and New Credit. She has been a friend and staunch supporter of community radio since the idea was presented to the community in the mid 80’s. Over the past 25 years, Carolyn has done fund raising, promotions, management, on-air broadcasting to Board membership for the radio station. Carolyn believes the strength of our communities and the value of our histories, written and oral, can continue to develop and grow through the support of a strong and thriving community-based radio station, called CKRZ 100.3 FM.

William K Montour (Vice President)
Bill was born in Ohsweken in 1941 to Ken and Winnie Montour. The family farm provided a very strong work ethic and community oriented personal focus on life, in school and in the work world. After a twenty year career in steel construction, community politics beckoned and Bill spent 12 years as Chief and 2 years as a District 5 Councillor. In addition to community politics Bill spent 3 years as Chief of Staff at the Assembly of First Nations, with Ovide Mercredi.

Following the AFN experience the Department of Indian Affairs offered a unique opportunity to experience the “other side” of First Nation/government relations as an Associate Regional Director General in British Columbia and Regional Director General in Atlantic Canada, responsible for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

This varied experience on both sides of the First Nation/ Canada relationship identified a very much needed communication gap between First Nation community members, the Councils, the political organizations, the federal and provincial governments. This lack of information creates mistrust and adversarial relationships between the solitudes.

Effective communication media can provide critical understanding that can lead to positive relationships between all parties. Community radio can bridge this information gap and can indeed be a very effective in building community cohesiveness. CKRZ 100.3 is the Voice of the Grand. A strong commitment from the Board of Directors and staff will bring our community together by using radio as the vehicle to provide effective and important communication. As a Board member Bill feels that his experiences and training can be a benefit to the future of CKRZ.

Sabrina ER Saunders (Secretary/Treasurer)
Sabrina has been involved with CKRZ since 2014.  As the former Acting Executive Director she has been very active in the reorganization of the station and the technical updates.  She is happy to be back as a member of the Board and is excited about the many initiatives we have planned for expanding and growing our CKRZ.  Maintaining a belief that people should see and hear themselves throughout all the products of their community; Sabrina has made a commitment to grow CKRZ within and beyond the borders of Six Nations and New Credit.

Claudine VanEvery-Albert

Claudine’s interest in the value of a radio station for Six Nations was brought to life in 1984 when she worked at the Woodland Cultural Centre and continued to be involved with the Language Teachers in Six Nations schools where she had taught for many years.  Claudine and staff at the Woodland Cultural Centre had the opportunity to attend a language conference in Kahnawake and while there they were taken on a tour of the community where they visited the radio station when a woman was broadcasting in Mohawk.  They were so enthralled and excited to hear Mohawk on the radio, they decided to bring radio to Six Nations.  So the investigation began.  Later that same year Claudine and staff at WCC got wind of a lady who owned radio stations in southern Ontario and who was willing to donate broadcasting equipment that was no longer used.  They had the transmission equipment brought to Six Nations, and the rest is history.  As a result, Claudine has always seen CKRZ kind of ‘her baby’ since she was involved in its early conception and birth!

Claudine’s interest continued when her daughter, Caroline, attended Radio and TV broadcasting at Conestoga College. When Caroline finished her first year in the program, she applied for and won a summer job at CKRZ.  On her first day, she came home and told Claudine that she would be doing some administrative work but that the CKRZ staff wanted her to do something in the broadcasting line but they were not exactly sure what they wanted and asked Caroline to present a couple of ideas.  Having watched those little Canadian historical moments on TV, Caroline worked out a plan to develop, record and broadcast little Six Nations historical pieces which we called “Grand Moments”.

Claudine later had an on-air radio show called “School Days” developed by the staff at the Six Nations Education Commission.

Her interest in working for and with Six Nations and New Credit communities continues with her stepping forward to taking a seat on the Board of CKRZ Radio.