CKRZ to Launch a new Public Service, Phone-In Radio Show 


CKRZ plans to launch a new live phone-in radio show between April and June, 2023. 

If the show is successful, it will be brought back after Labour Day in September, 2023 for the 

fall and winter season. The working title for the show is: Our Sacred and Civic Duties (subject to change). This show would air on Mondays, much like the successful previous phone-in radio show, from 

7 to 9 p.m. 

We are looking for 3-4 balanced and emotionally intelligent individuals, of all ages who would like to volunteer for this high level ‘LIVE ’community radio show as: ‘on air ’personalities, behind the scene researchers and segment producers. 

We are also looking for Sponsors and Donations from Six Nations Business for give aways and promotions. If your business would like to get involved please contact us at: info@ckrzfm.com with the subject: Phone In Sponsorships 

We plan to present ‘Live ’community in depth conversations around current and historic diverse subjects and topics such as: 

Dumping on Reserve, Water on Reserve, IT on Reserve, Our Roads, Six Nations, Canadian Index of Well Being, Improving our emotional intelligence to develop our moral compasses and Spiritual Compasses, Indigenous Prophesies, Elected Council and their agencies, Six Nations Social and Family Services, Damage to our Road ways, HDI, it plans and accountability, TASK Force-Education Planning, GREAT-employment and training, Social Services, Our Land Claim, Land Claims Process, Indigenous Languages, Indigenous Arts and Talent, Six Nations Potential, Six Nations 2023 Elections, Indigenous Games, Six Nations History, 100 years after the Indian Act..2024, Truth and Reconciliation and Survivors Secretariat Updates, Economic Development, Deskaheh-a Six Nations Hero, Band Membership, the Six Nations Confederacy, the Great Law, Global Warming … etc. etc. 

If you would like to be involved with this new phone-in radio show, please drop off a short note to CKRZ in the Iroquois Village Plaza in an envelope addressed to 

The New Phone in Radio Show…. Include: Your Name, phone number and emails by 

March 15, 2023. Or, send an email to: socialmedia@ckrzfm.com with the works: Phone in Radio Show in the subject line. 

You will then be invited to a series of focus group meetings to discuss the formatting, potential topics of discussion, themes, plans and ideas. Successful candidates will be offered radio production training prior to the launch of the show. 


March 8th, 2023

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