Chase the Ace

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CKRZ’s Online Chase the Ace is now sold In-Store!
Sold Monday to Friday from 12 – 4 pm
CKRZ is located at 1721 Cheifswood Rd

How to Play

SONICS/ CKRZ Offers a new Fundraising Game of Chase the Ace

How It Works 

Chase (or Catch) the Ace (or Capture the Queen/Queen of Hearts) is an online chase card style progressive raffle, operated by All Nations Charity via the Client Provider Authorization permit number 890 granted by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

It is a Chase The Ace game with a community jackpot along with a number of other First Nations groups and communities. While you keep the proceeds from the tickets you directly sell online, all ticket sales contribute to the community jackpot making it a larger, more exciting jackpot.

What It Is: An online Chase The Ace fundraising where a portion of ticket sales that your group sells go directly to the group they buy from (CKRZ in this case).

What Does That Mean For You: Buying tickets will support CKRZ but you will be entered to win a faster growing jackpot with each ticket sold across the country directly supporting Indigenous and First Nations communities and groups.

What Does It Cost: Tickets start at 1 for $5 and can be purchased online at

When Are The Draws: The first draw is May 18th, with a potential jackpot of over $1000 if the winner selects the ace of spades. Each week that the ace isn’t selected, the jackpot will carry over with a draw every Thursday at 10pm Eastern.

All Payables come from Coast to Coast All Nations Charity

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