FAQ’s About Sunday Bingo

FAQ’s About Sunday Bingo

Is Bingo still going to be held on Sundays?

  • Sunday Bingo will be held weekly

What will be happening with the Progressive?

  • Progressive Jackpot will be played at the Sunday Monthly Bingo.

Will there still be 50/50?

  • Yes.

When will Bingo cards be on sale?

  • Bingo cards will start being sold again on Monday September 30, 2019

What locations will have Bingo cards for purchase?

  • There are new locations for bingo card purchase
  • Go to our “Bingo” page in the top menu to see the full list of locations
  • or here is the link http://ckrzfm.com/bingo/

What will the CKRZ store hours be?

  • Store hours are 9 am – 5 pm.
  • Check out our website CKRZfm.com for the store hours

When will Bingo be back on air?

  • Sunday Bingo will start October 6, 2019.
  • Drive By Bingo will still occur every Thursday at noon

What will be happening with the current ZED Head Memberships?

  • Current Zed Head members will still have benefits for Sunday Bingo.
  • Check out our website CKRZfm.com for ZED Head information

Is CKRZ going through new ownership?

  • No

How will Bingo cards be sold?

  • Bingo cards will now be sold in packages
  • Each package will cost $2o

 Can I get extra cards?

  • Yes
  • During regular CKRZ hours or on Sunday’s from 3-6:45 pm

If you have some feedback on our Sunday Bingo, you can reach us by

  • Phone – Give us a call at 519-445-4140. We would be happy to answer your questions
  • Email – Send us an email at reception@ckrzfm.com with any inquires
  • In person – Fill out our Radio Bingo survey available at the front desk or chat with us about changes you would like to see in regards to Bingo

Thank You to everyone who has participated in our bingo survey or who have called in and stopped by to give your opinions about our Sunday Bingo. We appreciate your feedback and support as we work diligently to put the details in place.


September 5th, 2019

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